The Simple Way to Create a Different Look

Being a personal stylist I get to meet all kinds of mamas but the story is always the same, What’s happened to me? Can I still wear that? Can I still shop there? Will my husband divorce me if I start wearing something new/different/fashionable?

My answer is always ‘baby steps’ but there is one way of upping your game in an instant and lifting your mood and it doesn’t require trying to get into a pair of skinny jeans in strip lighting in front of bad mirrors.

Accessories. They are your fast and painless way to update your wardrobe but strangely so many of my clients pay attention to these things least, they are more likely to go shopping and buy a quick glitzy top that they will never wear but in that moment it makes them feel better, a few times making this mistake and you’ve got a wardrobe full of “NOTHING TO WEAR”.

You can get away with a very basic capsule wardrobe and just manipulate different looks by adding different accessories. I’ve always been a big fan of a metallic shoe, boot, bag, clutch, wallet and even business card holder. I love the fun that comes from adding metallic and although they are a bit of a man replier a metallic bag or shoe go with everything, thus making that age old mantra of ‘cost per wear’, poetry in motion.

I am also a big believer that best is for everyday, what are you waiting for? Life is for living each day to the fullest and having no regrets, if you are lucky enough to have beautiful things they are not beautiful if they are sitting in a box not seeing the light of day.


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