DAY 7 | Lifestyle blogger: Emily Harding

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today

I’m Emily. A new mum, lover of fashion, interiors and now all things baby! I’ve been blogging for a good five years now but only really started taking it seriously about 2 years ago (on my honeymoon) when I realised this was something I was actually very passionate about. I set up a new blog that week, a new instagram, and started documenting my life. With out going in to all the ins and outs of my life… it was a great way to document trips away, what I was wearing and what I had planned for the future!

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

It might seem like an obvious one but I am ALL about hygge! If you have read the book ‘Hygge – The Danish Way To Live Well’ then you really must. I actually live my life this way now with out evening giving it a thought.


What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?

Before I read the book mentioned above I would never of used my new expensive candle I’d been given for my birthday. My best perfume was, well only for best. The Molton Brown in the shower was only used in 5p sized blobs at a time. You get the picture. Well, hygge is all about doing things for YOU because it makes YOU happy. So light that candle every evening until it runs out (which I totally do now and enjoy every second of it), use your favourite perfume everyday because it will make you feel amazing… and upgrade that 5p sized blob to a 50p sized blob. All these little things that are just a treat and will truly make you smile inside and out. There is really no point saving all the best bits for a rainy day when you can get enjoyment from them all every day. You can never not find time to do these little things either as lots of them are part of your usual daily routine. Just think of it more as upgrading! It’s very hygge to just make time for yourself, and who in reality doesn’t want to do that. After reading this (life changing) book I actually got a candle shelf put up in my bathroom. About once a week I’ll make sure I have an evening bath. I’ll light all my candles (a few tea lights and then one big Neom one which is the absolute treat!) I’ll make sure I use my Neals Yard bubble bath and just sink in to the tub. It is pure bliss. Life can be stressful, so do the little things that make you feel like a warm hug.


You can follow Emily via instagram @emily.rose.harding and find her website here

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