DAY 8 | Mummy Wellness Coach: Silke Thistlewood

Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry…
My business is Nourish to Thrive, which came into existence last year (it was born from an existing business, Om Nom Nourish, which made healthy snack foods, something that is still incorporated now). I provide simple and realistic self care, mind set, nutrition and stress reduction tools for mums with small children. Tools that can be used as part of a hectic day, rather than finding extra time to look after yourself. The idea came through my own struggle with PND and anxiety after having my second child. I was swiftly prescribed medication but no focus was placed on my self care and what I could do to help myself. And the therapy I was offered wanted me to relax away from my kids as the main solution – something that was impossible at the time. So I decided to find ways of making myself feel better that were actually realistic. I am now finding ways of sharing my findings with other mums.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?
Self care, self care and self care again.
For me this takes the form of
1) being aware of my thoughts and mind set. Working hard on recognising negative thought patterns and being kinder to and less judgemental about myself.
2) Breathing. You can’t beat a nice deep breath to calm things down!
3) Meditation. I get up early every morning (if the toddler isn’t up before my alarm) and do a short, 5 minute guided meditation. Makes all the difference!

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?
“If you’re too busy to do stuff, think stuff” would be my biggest tip. Work on your mindset if you don’t have time for the physical actions (exercise, journaling, having a bath etc). Always being curious about your thoughts and your approach to situations. Takes no extra time but pays huge dividends!
Also, breathing as above!

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