DAY 13 | Reflexology: The Big Toe

Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry…
Reflexology is a wonderfully powerful way to treat your body from the feet up. Specific areas on the feet (the reflexes) correspond to different parts of the body and by applying pressure to these reflexes in a sequence the body’s natural flow of energy is restored and maintained. This increase in energy clears any nervous and tissue congestion, removes toxins and encourages the body’s own innate healing ability and general wellbeing. It doesn’t hurt at all and is extremely relaxing and soothing. Most people fall asleep during a treatment and leave feeling like they’re ‘walking on air.’ I love meeting different people whether its for digestive issues, fertility, aches and pains or stress and anxiety. I meet a lot of mothers-to-be throughout their pregnancy or in the last weeks to help with their labour emotionally as well as physically and it really can help make a difference.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?
As someone who doesn’t fall pregnant easily my wellness rituals are aimed specifically at couples struggling to conceive and experiencing another month of stress, sadness and despair for it not happening again. Please don’t give up! If you can, please try the following and see if it makes a difference:
1) Order Wild Nutrition Fertility Programme ASAP:
2) Visit a local ultrasound centre for a pelvic scan to check if and when you’re ovulating. I went to Kent Imaging centre . They showed me I was about to ovulate and I went back afterwards for them to check I actually had.
3) Start saying positive affirmations to yourself if negative thoughts are there:
“My body knows how to conceive a healthy baby”
4) These are the more tricky ones:
-no (or very limited) milk or dairy in your diet
-no (or very limited) caffeine
-no (or very limited) alcohol – hopefully this will be easier in January compared to December.
– eat organic meat/fish as much as possible and wash all veggies or fruit if not organic
5) Have regular reflexology and/or acupuncture to help energise, balance or calm hormones and reproductive organs depending on what is needed at the time.

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?
In an ideal world you should never be too busy to feel happy. Feeling positive can actually have a huge affect on your health. How you look at life, your attitude towards yourself and whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist could all affect your general wellbeing. Researchers are continually exploring the effects of positive thinking and studies have revealed that a ‘glass half-full’ person could have:

*increased life span
*lower rates of depression
*lower levels of distress
*greater resistance to the common cold
*better psychological and physical wellbeing
*better coping skills during times of stress

Take a deep breath and smile, it will make a difference to you day.


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