DAY 2 | Hypnobirthing Practioner LOUISE DANIELS

Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry…

Most of the clients I’ve worked with arrive at my unique Hypnobirthing Workshops feeling scared & wanting to gain some control over their birth, and most do go on to have calm, positive births. This is because, on my workshops you’ll get rid of all the unhelpful stuff that’s going around your head and making you feel scared, you’ll learn no-nonsense, straightforward self-help techniques that WORK and knowledge of what your body’s doing during birth and how to go with it, and you’ll be completely supported every step of the way. You’ll leave brimming with confidence and knowledge and you’ll have the tools and techniques you need to make birth easier and more comfortable. I trained in hypnobirthing because I’d seen it’s effects in women who I’d cared for in labour as a doula, and I wanted to support women who needed help around birth anxiety, and also their partners who often assume they’ll be a ‘spare part’ on the day…. nothing could be further from the truth as all birth partners appreciate within the first hour of my workshop!

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

Active Relaxation – listening to tracks, visualisation, breathing techniques Positive thinking – using positive affirmations during the day when needed, surrounding myself with positive, supportive people – radiators, not drains!

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?

Just carving out time, set your alarm earlier if you need to, or go to bed earlier. Switch your phone off from 9pm. Have affirmations on cards dotted around your home where you’ll see them throughout the day, or have a bowl of them that you can dip into when you need to.

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