DAY 21 | Creative Crafts: Freckles & Fire

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today
Life now is literally a light-year and a half away from I was 7/8 years ago. In a fully fledged ‘grown-up’ job, pre-kiddies and living in London, days were spent suited and booted, hair ironed to an inch of its curly life and nails manicured and painted. Clothes, shoes, bags and nights out filled the disposal income but, funnily enough, none of this actually fulfilled me.

The life shift started with the arrival of Bea, spirit number 1. I gave up the London job, we moved to the country and I started working at a local Hospice. While bea stirred my soul, working in a place and environment that tackles such heartbreak, such life-altering battles, helped awaken a side of me that must have been buried deep. I saw so much love, worked with so many amazing people and in the depths of some dark moments saw some real beauty.
When Boo came along it sparked another life decision. With Mr P’s feet firmly in the London race we decided that his commute was too much and days too long . With great sadness it was right for us to up-rooted once more and trot back up the Southern Rail track.

The journey of Freckles began in this town. My love and utterly obsession with creative crafts had seen me through some hard times and had brought so much into my life. I had worked with some awesome people at the Hospice and love seeing and watching the transformation of people and lives when they get the chance to unleash and pamper the creative soul! So I started to teach. First at home to some close friends, then to their friends, then to a few more.. and it has slowly grown from there.

Every day, month and year I have learnt something new about myself and the business. All defining the future of freckles.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?
I am a total advocate for remag magnesium. It’s like liquid gold for the heart, skin and sleep! I started on it a few months ago and have fallen head over heels for it now! It does taste like complete and utter pond water when you start taking it but over time I’ve come to rather like the taste (this is not to say I in any way like the taste, or would ever be found drinking from, pond water).

I am also a keen meditator. I fall off the wagon now and again but try my hardest to stay on the meditative track. It grounds me, keeps the soul from going AWOL and gives me clarity about the kind of person I strive to be! I try to do at least 10 minutes a day and generally will do it anywhere and everywhere – even in the school car park with a sleeping Boo in the back seat while waiting for the gates to open! Oh and I love avocado. I’m not sure if that is a ritual or just a random freckles fact!

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?
Oh blimey, I’m not sure I should be giving tips on this one! But recently I have been forcing myself to make time. At the end of the day (or life) we will never say, I wish I had emailed more, or worked harder. Nothing is more important than your own physical and mental health. Do whatever you need to, to protect that and take the time, or even a moment, to just stop. Take a breath and appreciate what is around you.


You can find more about Freckles & Fire here 

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