Day 32 | Community: My Tunbridge Wells

Tell us about your business and how you became a professional in the industry…

I started My Tunbridge Wells while on maternity leave with my youngest son three years ago, merging my love of ‘online’ with ‘offline’ events, activities and local lifestyle news.

I enjoy sharing information about local events, classes and activities in addition to visiting new places and experiencing new adventures with my family around West Kent, East Sussex and further afield. My aim is to inspire local families and visitors to Tunbridge Wells to try new things and most importantly, have fun!

My blog turned into a business after around 10 months of building a readership and social media following and I have been able to use my skills from my former PR job as well as undertaking a Digital Mums course in Social Media Management to accelerate it. A lot of hard work goes into running My Tunbridge Wells and I do find it difficult to switch off sometimes, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

It has taken me a decade to realise the importance of exercise for me! When I regularly workout, I feel so much happier in myself, less stressed as well as the physical benefits that go with it too. I have been training with The Results Academy in Southborough for the last couple of months and look forward to each session and the feeling I get afterwards!

I try to switch off all technology with the exception of my Kindle for an hour before going to sleep each night. This doesn’t always work out but the intention is there! I deleted my email apps from my phone last year and just check emails on my laptop now. I was becoming addicted to checking them!

I TRY to get 7.5 to 8 hours sleep as I really think it has such a good effect on my overall health and wellbeing.

This year I am trying to be calmer and less stressed by using the Evernote app to track and manage all of my ‘To Do’ lists. I am intentionally trying not to worry too much if I think I am behind with things. After all, if it’s on the list, it will eventually get done, right?

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness into a busy schedule?

Scheduling your gym sessions in well advance and making them non-negotiable! Don’t think about them too much as you might start coming up with reasons not to go.

Try to make your own rules for social media – for example, not checking it until the kids are at school / childcare (if applicable), only checking Facebook twice per day, shutting down the social media tabs on your laptop etc.

Have little things to look forward to – whether it is dinner out with your friends, a mini-break with your family, a Summer holiday etc.

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