Day 42 | Nutrition: Evie Nutrition

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business and how you got to where you are today

I am a mother of three teenagers and a qualified, registered Nutritional Therapist. I recently discovered I had Hashimoto’s; an autoimmune condition that I would never have known about if not for my training (its symptoms can mirror many other conditions). I have since been able to halve my autoantibodies through diet and lifestyle and avoided conventional lifetime medication. I love helping people reduce their symptoms and get regain energy, getting back to feeling normal again through my realistic, non-fuss approach using natural solutions. Join me to optimal wellness.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

As a busy mother and therapist I know how hard it is to keep on track with the simple stuff like drinking enough water! I use a tracker bottle to measure my daily intake so I know I am getting enough (1.5L per day). I also love to “eat a rainbow” for a full spectrum of nutrients and make sure I have at least 3 different coloured veg/fruit on my kids and my plate at each mealtime. Lastly, I make sure I get full daylight on my face every morning to give me a light energy boost to kick-start my day.

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?

Invest in a water tracker bottle or measure your intake of water (check your wee colour! which should be straw coloured if well hydrated). Prepare a vibrant, mixed chopped salad bowl with plenty of colours to have at hand for busy lunchtimes/dinners. Get up 10 minutes earlier to get full daylight with your cuppa in the morning before your day gets started.


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