DAY 47 | Spirituality: Ancient Spirit

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business and how you got to where you are today
I am an Interstellar Shaman Sound Healer – Artist Ascension Guide and Way Shower.
For my whole adult life, I have been a Spiritual Explorer and was called three years ago to leave a full-time job to dedicate my time as a Healer. I work 1:1 and in groups and I use many approaches to support people to be in full resonance with their Soul, to release blocks that no longer serve so that they can live more peaceful fulfilled creative lives. My main approach is through the use of Sound and Journeying work.

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?
No news that includes TV Radio or Newspapers (Who decided that bad news was the only news?!)

Start the day with Yoga.

Get up earlier enough so you are not rushing.

Give thanks and gratitude when you first wake-up.

Walk in nature several times a week.

Have a space in your home which is a focus for your Soul and Spiritual energy – can be elaborate or simple. This space is like an energetic diary book that is a reminder – a touch stone to come home to yourself.

Take just 5 minutes to stop and just sit and be still with no distractions.

Remember that the Solar Sun gives life and connect with this powerful Star with your Heart. Visualise yourself as a tree and imagine you have roots that grow down to the earth from your feet. And imagine branches from the top of your head.

Take regular Salt water baths to cleanse energetically. Clear and cleanse your living space once a week with Palo Santo Spray or Burn Palo Santo or Sage.

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?
Take 5 minutes a day to stop. Still. And do nothing.

Imagine you are a tree with roots that grow deep into the earth.
Take your shoes off and stand on the earth.

Take three long breathes. Pause and hold. Slowly out breathe.

Get up earlier in the day so you are not rushing. This gives you an experience of enough time. And set the context for the rest of your day.

If you are in an office go outside even if it is for 5 minutes and connect with the elements the sky.

Remember we are sustained by water… So drink more water than you are used to doing.

Remember that life is sustained also by the Sun.

If you are feeling stressed place a hand in the middle of your chest breathe and then connect with the Sun energy warmth and golden rays. This does wonders to reconnect ground and brings peace and joy. Gives a wider perspective.

When you wake up notice the sounds in the room and outside. See if you can hear birdsong.

Remember to look up to the sky.

When it rains give thanks to water.

When you wake up tune into gratitude.

If you are in emotional or physical pain – ask what could this be showing you. If this part had a voice what would it want to say?

If you have a stress-related physical pain – remember what you resist persists. Take 5 minutes and breathe into that pain. Sense where the edges are to this pain. Where it is the densest. Sense where you are not feeling pain. And Breathe. Once we give time nurturing and acceptance this can allow the mind to ease and the body to relax.

You can find more about Elizabeth Rudnick of Ancient Spirit here

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