DAY 49 | Craniosacral Therapy: Val Anderson, Healing Through Stillness

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business and how you got to where you are today

I am a Craniosacral Therapist with 17 years of bodywork experience, trained in the USA and am a registered CS therapist with the Craniosacral Therapy Association in London. I work from both my home clinic and the Practice Rooms (complementary health centre) in Salisbury Wiltshire. Basically I LOVE what I do. CST is my passion! The rewards from each session I do increases daily!

It is such a privilege and an honour to be able to ‘dialogue’ with the innate intelligence of a person’s body – to help them to heal, that they walk away feeling some emotional or physical relief from their ‘suffering’. It is what I feel I am meant to do in life and therefore the fulfillment I receive is priceless.

I started many years ago in my late teens taking a keen interest in eating well and gradually ‘knowing’ long before I had actually experienced it as I was rarely ill that the body, which of course I’ve come to know through my own and many people’s over the years, without question is capable of healing itself. I have been ‘doing’ the alternative route for almost fifty years. So what started out as a personal path to wellness has become my life’s work.

I first began my wellness training as a therapeutic massage therapist. I received amazing training in the US with committed and inspiring professionals and even though my practice in Seattle was exciting and I was very busy (the public looked to us as therapists first and foremost before going to doctors because of the expense involved which was great so we were given a lot of credibility!) within a couple of years I longed to be able to help people heal rather than just symptomatic relief and so found craniosacral therapy. Again I trained with a marvellous person who was a Swiss national and basically learned not just craniosacral knowledge but also osteopathic techniques.

Coming back to the UK after 35 years, CST has been my passport to my ancestral land but most importantly it feels like my wellness mission, particularly as I believe it to be the 2lst century answer to stress and dis-ease.


What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

First thing in the morning I drink hot water with lemon juice (abt 1/4 of a lemon) also adding a little honey and freshly grated ginger. This a great cleansing ritual – for the whole body particularly the organs, creating an alkaline environment in the body and therefore anti-cancer.

Secondly, I meditate every morning and concentrate on the breath. Helps to create calm, brings you into the present moment, helps to stop the negative stories we tell ourselves and helps me to lead an honest, truthful authentic life. It increases compassion for oneself and others and helps me to read between the lines of what a client is saying. It also helps me to be fearless and they say helps with anti-aging!

Thirdly I go for a morning walk for at least half an hour and always end up at the base of some beautiful tree. Not only am I a tree hugger but it enables to ground myself and helps me to remember who I am. Again the connection I receive in communing directly with Nature is priceless.

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?

The best self care tip I can share is my breath and this marvellous tool is available to everyone! Take a deep belly breath by encircling your hands around your waist and as you breathe in through the nostrils pushing down your diaphragm and out with your ribs against this pressure and then breathing out through the mouth raising your head back a little is a fantastic wellness tip. But do this throughout your day after every little activity you do. After exercising, after showering, after walking, bringing in heavy shopping, completing an email, driving to work – you name it! The benefits of doing this enable you to stay calm, adrenalin output is regulated and basically helps you to flow through your day. It allows you to always have the energy you need and increases your mindfulness and peace and serenity. So you arrive at the end of your day feeling fulfilled not exhausted and ready and able to sleep!

Always go for nourishing healthy food. Never skip breakfast – pack it with as many tasty nutrients as possible – personally I have a some fresh fruit with coconut yoghurt, seeds, nuts, flax and an oat-based granola. Lunch is light – humous, carrot sticks, tomatoes and tortilla chips. Eat your evening meal – avoiding heavy rich food – as early as possible.

Always start your day with a brief adventure into Nature and take the opportunity to walk everywhere and avoid taking the car as much as possible. The oxygenation keeps the mind clear. It’s totally doable to incorporate yoga stretches into your day too, wherever you are.

Sitting or standing twists are great at releasing your spine and keeping it flexible. Doing hip circles helps to keep you mindful and is grounding. Occasionally bending over brings blood and nutrients to the brain and your warm hands covering your tired eyes is a godsend. Imagine that whenever you sit down, try to let go of whatever that no longer serves you.

You can find more about Val Anderson here

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