DAY 50 | STRESS: Slummy Mummy

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business and how you got to where you are today

I’m actually a 43 year old disabled & ill mummy of three who had my own business, working approx 100 hours a week on average. I made myself so ill I actually nearly died and needed lifesaving surgery. I was in a coma which left me with permanent disabilities. I now can’t work. But it made me appreciate life a lot more and I now realise how short the time we have here is, so we need to strike the right balance and make sure we take joy in the little things.

I did have a breakdown a few years ago and my Slummy Mummy blog was a way of finding something humorous to talk about every day, to help me see how good and funny life could be. I battled with so many Judgy mums and realised life is too short to pretend you stay at home baking cookies and having a Pinterest perfect home, so I decided to show the REAL side of parenting. Luckily, my kids have a wicked sense of humour so finding ways to make life funny again wasn’t hard!

What Wellness rituals do you swear by?

I love stationery and organising things so I enjoy having a few journals to fill in and also want to leave something for my kids to read through, as I realise we really don’t know our parents aswell as we should. So I Bujo and use my creativity to enjoy journaling.

I am a total bookworm and making the time to turn off the TV and Phone, get off social media, to sit and immerse yourself in a different world of your imagination is something really important to schedule in. Not only does it help you relax and fire your imagination up but it improves your vocabulary and grammar which as a writer, I find essential.

I also treat myself to rather expensive bath bombs (Lush of course!) and make sure I have at least half an hour soaking in the bath every day if i can. I like to add some essential oils depending on my mood. I also take time to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee with my other half and chat about the day or show each other funny cat videos from Facebook! As a mum especially, you need to make time to connect with your partner every day and just enjoy being with them.

I like to do various hobbies too, like painting and scrapbooking or even just colouring in. Sometimes I do it with the kids or alongside them, other times they want to go off and play and I do it alone. But some days, it’s impossible, and those days, I swear by simply making a peppermint tea and putting my feet up on the sofa for half an hour and put one of my trashy TV programmes on and just chill out.

It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you take time to enjoy something in your day instead of running around like a headless chicken and never sitting for a minute, like I used to do.

What are your tips for incorporating Wellness in to a busy schedule?

Schedule it in with the same importance you give to other appointments, such as the doctor and Dentist.

I find that once the kids are home from school, once they are fed they like to go off for an hour or so and play, or take a turn on their Xbox or iPads etc – they need to chill out and relax after a demanding day at school as much as adults need to! I take that time every day and that’s when I will put my feet up with a cuppa, or sit down with my OH for a gossip.

Once the kids are in bed, and all the chores are done for the night, it’s time to sit down. We usually pop something on we both like to watch (we love our box sets and films!) and while watching that, I will do some colouring or painting, or journaling etc. Or if I know my other half wants to catch up on a programme I don’t like, I will go and take a bath while he watches it in peace.

You can’t keep going all day and all night long or your life will have flown by and you’ll realise you spent all of it tired and stressed and you haven’t actually enjoyed your life, which is incredibly sad, but a very easy trap to fall into. I did and my consultant said that was why I was so run down and got sick so quickly and dangerously, and said that busy mums CAN do it all, so long as they make sure they have some time to themselves at least once a day to relax. It heals our body and makes it able to fight. I was so run down that pneumonia, pleurisy and sepsis nearly killed me, and complications led to a massive internal bleed that my worn out body also could not recover from.

Don’t end up with major surgery and a coma in order to realise we need to stop and smell the roses!

You can find out more about Slummy Mummy here

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