Chiropractor | What Does Your Posture Say About You?

As a chiropractor, posture and alignment are often what I see first and foremost; whether I’m working with clients in practice or simply people watching in the Pantiles, it’s my ‘first impression’. But why is posture so important? Aside from the fact no one wants to develop a hunchback, your posture reflects the condition of [...]

Acupuncture | Sugar Cravings and what they mean in Chinese Medicine

Do you find yourself reaching for yet another bar of chocolate – you’re not even hungry but you crave the sweet, irresistible flavour! You’ve been trying so hard to cut back, you know it’s not a good idea, but for goodness sake, just one more… What does it mean? It’s essentially our bodies asking for [...]

REFLEXOLOGY | The Big Toe reveals what secrets your feet could be hiding ” I hate my feet!”

… is what most people tell me when they hear I’m a reflexologist. Actually most people also say, “how can you bare to touch them?” Our feet get a really hard time, much less so than our hands. Alongside the mystical, fortune-telling hand-readers, much less is heard about our soles being an open-line of communication to our souls. In reflexology, a [...]