Acupuncture | Sugar Cravings and what they mean in Chinese Medicine

Do you find yourself reaching for yet another bar of chocolate – you’re not even hungry but you crave the sweet, irresistible flavour! You’ve been trying so hard to cut back, you know it’s not a good idea, but for goodness sake, just one more… What does it mean? It’s essentially our bodies asking for [...]

REFLEXOLOGY | The Big Toe reveals what secrets your feet could be hiding ” I hate my feet!”

… is what most people tell me when they hear I’m a reflexologist. Actually most people also say, “how can you bare to touch them?” Our feet get a really hard time, much less so than our hands. Alongside the mystical, fortune-telling hand-readers, much less is heard about our soles being an open-line of communication to our souls. In reflexology, a [...]