Day 34 | Healthy Family Meals: Feed The Brood

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your business and how you got to where you are today I’m a busy mum of three under 5 - I provide workshops and consultations for busy parents empowering them to provide their families with healthy food in a fun and manageable way. I focus on weaning, fussy … Continue reading Day 34 | Healthy Family Meals: Feed The Brood

Quinoa Lasagna

INGREDIENTS (SERVES 6-8, BUT FREEZES WELL!)  500ml Water 180g Quinoa 2tbsp Olive Oil 1 Chopped onion 1 Stick of celery, chopped 150g Sliced mushrooms 2 Cloves garlic, minces 600g Tomato pasta sauce 1 Large egg, beaten 25g grated parmesan cheese 2tbsp Chopped fresh basil or 1/2 tsp dried 1tbsp Dried oregano 300g Large courgettes, sliced … Continue reading Quinoa Lasagna